The US Postal Service is helping against animal fighting


6 / AGOSTO / 2009

Savannah Pets ExaminerDena Stapleton

The Postal Service is now planning to amend their policy concerning the shipment of publications that violate the federal Animal Welfare Act. Within the Animal Welfare Act there are provisions against animal fighting. The Postal Service has been ordered by the federal court in D.C. back in March 2009 to reevaluate the decision of allowing cockfighting magazines to be considered for distribution through the mail. The HSUS filed suit against the Postal Service in 2007 stating they were violating the Animal Welfare Act and the Postal Reorganization Act. Then the federal courts got involved for the latest ruling.

The Feathered Warrior magazine has recently stopped its publication due to its advertisements for cockfighting. They advertised contraband, knives and its way of try and expand cockfighting in the U.S. They were very open to the sport and tried to promote it, although it is illegal in all states. TheGrit & Steel and The Gamecock magazines are still in print but had taken out advertisement for cockfighting. The Grit & Steel to their own initiative to change their format to correspond with the federal Animal Welfare Act. The Gamecock magazine was forced to change theirs after settling litigation with the HSUS for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act. This litigation was also against The Feathered Warrior and for selling subscriptions online. Neither magazine have offered subscriptions online in the past several months on


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