Editorial: Keep after cockfighting


12 / MARZO / 2010

Louisiana was the last state that allowed cockfighting. But that embarrassment ended in August 2008, when a law passed by the state Legislature more than a year before finally took effect.

But that long overdue ban didn’t end cockfighting, animal rights groups say, and that’s why Sen. Danny Martiny is introducing legislation to make it illegal to attend a cockfight.

“If it is illegal, people shouldn’t be going,” Sen. Martiny said. “Either the law we passed means something or it doesn’t.”

It makes sense to go after people who support cockfighting. Operators wouldn’t stage cockfights, particularly since they face criminal penalties for doing so, unless there were customers willing to pay to watch cockfighting and wager on it.

Senate Bill 38 would make it illegal to attend a cockfight, bet on a cockfight or pay admission to view or bet on a cockfight. A conviction would carry a fine of up to $500 and up to six months in jail, or both.

The Louisiana Legislature has already outlawed wagering on cockfights. That legislation was passed in 2007 and went into effect before the ban did. But while that provision in Sen. Martiny’s bill seems redundant, prohibiting people from watching this illegal activity is a reasonable step that should make enforcement crackdowns more effective.


~ by politicaesaccion on March 12, 2010.

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